Thursday, May 28, 2020

Welcome to Our Community of Food!

Updated 7.1.21

The health, safety and growing strength in our community to sustain itself in crisis was behind the founding of the Center for Food Preservation Arts, and informs our continuing work. Even though it seems the  COVID-19 pandemic will soon be in the rearview mirror, we want to make you aware of the decisions we have made in support of this commitment. We are following the recommendations from the CDC and the Pierce County Health Department.encouraging participants in our hands-on events to be vaccinated, continue to use masks and maintain as much social distance as possible. If you have any questions about CFPA’s safety protocols, please feel free to contact us.


Hal Meng
Executive Director

Center for Food Preservation Arts

The Center for Food Preservation Arts (CFPA) is a community resource grown from an awareness of the fragile nature of our food supply.  Founder Hal Meng shares, "After the events of Hurricane Katrina, and disasters closer to home like the 530 Mudslide in the Oso area,  I became aware that our economy is very fragile particularly around the food system.  Our ‘just in time’ delivery system has only about 72 hours’ worth of food available in any store.  And our current system is unjust and unequal, leaving far too many without the opportunity to access a sufficient amount of healthy food, even in the best of times.

"I learned that resilient communities have food systems that are inherently more just and equitable because they localize food production, diversify distribution, and reduce waste while valuing contributions from every member of the community.   

"This is how things used to work.  The work we do seeks to cultivate resilience by bringing back practices that used to be common."   

“Our mission is to work very locally to re-center the food system by addressing food insecurity and waste. The Center for Food Preservation Arts strengthens our community by creating opportunities for people of different abilities, socio-economic statuses, cultural, and racial backgrounds to come together around the shared experience of food preservation. 

Services available include:
  • Educational demonstrations and hands-on workshops in food preservation and family nutrition both on site and as outreach. (learn more under the EDUCATION page)
  • Activities that support local emergency food programs.  Our Preservin' for the Hungry, for example, operates under WSDA permits to produce jams and apple sauces that can be distributed to those in need. (learn more under the SUPPORT page)
  • Provide use of commercial kitchens for neighborhoods and groups to hold Canning  and Preserving Parties.

    The Center for Food Preservation Arts works with a wide variety of agencies and community organizations, including: 
    Trinity Lutheran Church, Pt. Defiance - Ruston Senior Center, and others to provide quality programs and opportunities around food preservation. We promote active participation in the journey that your food takes From Seed to Shelf and Table.

    Details  of our various programs can be found on the pages of this website.

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    "Finished Product" Image by Leslie Seaton of Seattle, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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