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Recycle the Jars

Food waste is not the only thing that CFPA is working to reduce.  We all live in a world where it is more important than ever to re-use, reduce, and recycle as much of our planet's resources as possible.  Jars specifically manufactured for food preservation (i.e. made by Ball, Kerr, or Mason) can be re-used.  So wash your jars when they are empty, save the ring and the jar itself (not the lid) and consider donating the jars you save to CFPA. Perhaps you are reducing clutter in your life, or helping someone else to, and you come upon some perfectly good or never-used jars.  It is possible that CFPA could use them

CFPA will accept donations of the following (all jars in both wide and narrow mouth) :
  • 4 oz "jelly jars"
  • 8 oz half pint jars
  • 16 oz pint jars 
  • 32 oz quart jars 
  • Rings for jars (used is fine)
  • New packages of lids (must be new)

We can also use cash donations made for this very purpose. Contact Hal Meng at, or 253.752.6834 to arrange delivery of your donation. 

Please recycle your commercial food jars, flip top glass jars, plastic and other non-canning specific jars in another way.

~ Thank you!

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  1. Greetings! I have about two dozen of flip top beverage bottles that have only been used to make ginger ale twice. Would these items be of use to anyone in your organization?