The wheel of CFPA has four spokes: 
Access, Education, Support, and Community. 

In our view Education can take many forms, from brief instructions on using a canner to a group canning party.   In cooperation with other like-intended organizations, CFPA brings quality programs and opportunities around the sustainable food home preservation to the greater Pierce County community.

Our schedule is posted here, and updated quarterly. 

2022 Summer Canning Series at Trinity Lutheran Church!

All sessions are Saturdays, 10:00 AM to Noon at Trinity Lutheran Church in Parkland. This will include some time at the end of each session for your questions on food preservation not directly relate to the class. Classes are completely free. 

The events are hands-on and all participants will get to take home a sample of their work. 

Each event uses a fruit or vegetable that is grown locally and is either in season or will be shortly so you can use what you’ve learned at home or in a group of friends.  The focus of each class will introduce useful ideas and techniques such as reducing sugar in jams and jellies, pickling, canning tree fruit, canning tomatoes products, and fermenting sauerkraut. 

Register online for each session. Registration is open for the following sessions:

Tomato Salsa - August 6th

Using the very popular, “Best Ever Salsa” recipe, we’ll cover preparing tomatoes including frozen tomatoes and answer many frequently asked questions about tomatoes, for example, “Do we have to add extra acid to heirloom tomatoes.” Click to Register


Sauerkraut  August 20th

This traditional ferment is the most popular after wine and beer. OK, bread is really popular too.  In this class we’ll cover the basics and everyone gets their own mini batch of sauerkraut in training to nurture at home, Click to Register


Corn Relish - August 27th

If you find you often have collection of a small amount of a variety different vegetable but not enough to make a large batch. I this class we will cover the basics of small batch canning. Click to Register


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