The wheel of CFPA has four spokes: 
Access, Education, Support, and Community. 

Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

We embrace Community as the crucial ties that connect us together, whether by proximity, common interest, or belief.  In times of plenty, as well as times of crisis, the bonds of community benefit us all as we each share what we can contribute, and look out for our common interests.

Food brings people together.  It is one of the fundamental things that we all require: healthy nourishment. CFPA promotes community through the sharing of knowledge and techniques, and the very act of food preservation: its more fun when there's a party!

The philosophy that we can take control of our own food from Seed to Shelf and Table” unites CFPA's strategies and their related activities under one umbrella to support the local food system from planting through harvest and sharing.  One of those activities is ...

Canning Communities

CFPA reaches out to individuals and groups seeking to have fun while sustaining the local food system, promoting greater awareness of food security, teaching safe food preservation practices, and combating food waste.  Groups participating as Canning Communities may exist, with like goals to CFPA's, or they may simply be social or cultural groups looking for an additional activity to contribute to their fellowship. 

Canning Communities activities include:
  • Demonstrations and Information sessions
  • Self-directed hands-on activities with CFPA supervision,
  • Activities wholly planned and guided by CFPA staff with the group as active participants.

Meet Our Communities

The Defiant Canners. One of our first groups to form, it began as a program for participants at the Pt. Defiance-Ruston Senior Center only, expanding to include other interested seniors. Yes!  The Defiant Canners are all 55+.

What would be appealing to a group of seniors about communal food preservation, and what are the benefits?  Some of the group have a history with food preservation, but current circumstances and resources make it inconvenient to do so alone.  Others are just starting out.  All benefit from the hands-on participation, and the fellowship of being part of a group working together towards a common objective. The rewards of working together do not stop there.

Member Debora Burks shared, “Being stage 3 cancer patient, having a plant-based diet is essential for me. The CFPA makes it possible for me to have quality, delicious, nutritious, real food (no chemicals) year-round. I've learned how to can, made new friends and I'm able to help others. This food also serves as my emergency preparation supply. Hal Meng is a great teacher who is dedicated to helping the community to help themselves. These classes are a blessing to me and many others. We also get opportunities to give back by canning food for the food bank. We even have a lending library where we can borrow equipment to can at home. I am so thankful to be apart of this organization.”

Since they began together, they have produced Blue Ribbon Dill Pickles, Pickled Asparagus, Blackberry-Rhubarb-Lime Jam, Sunrise Marmalade, Cranberry Mustard, Chocolate Cherry Preserves, Peaches in Apple Juice, and more.  The group averages 8 participants per session, and a nominal $5 fee supports supplies.  Typically, members take away 2 jars of preserves from each session.

Canning Communities form for different reasons.  One member said, "One of the other canners is a long time close friend of mine. Doing things with her is always fun.  Through the canning parties I have gotten to know other delightful women." The Defiant Canners have built their community on friendships, all connected by a love of food and the joy of being together.

Stay tuned for more coming soon on the following communities:
  • Salvation Army Family & Women's Shelter
  • Golden Bamboo
  • Center for Independence
  • Orting Food Bank & Orting United Methodist Church
  • St. Leo's Food Connection
  • University Initiatives

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