The wheel of CFPA has four spokes: 
Access, Education, Support, and Community. 

We Support efforts within the community to reduce food waste and distribute fresh, safely preserved foods to people in need.  

Through our Preservin' for the Hungry program, we work with community members to preserve shelf stable applesauce and jams, for distribution through emergency food systems.  Those participating in Preservin' sessions also get to take home some of what they help make.  Preservin' for the Hungry is a great way to give back to the community that is fun and educational.


NOTE: To keep us in compliance with health and safety regulations, all participants must be 16 years of age and older to work in the kitchen.

Help others while enjoying the community of food, making shelf stable applesauce and jams, to be shared through food banks, feeding ministries, and community meals. Participants get to take samples of the product for themselves. Limited spaces available. 


Tuesday, October 30th - Berry Jam!
Trinity Lutheran Church
SHIFT: 3-5:30pm                     Click Here to Register through Eventbrite

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